NEW: Martial Arts, MMA, Taekwondu, Kung Fu and Boxing Shoes


– Encapsulated in a honeycomb mesh for more breath-ability around the foot;

– Lace-up capability for better grip and adjustments;

– Maximum pivot points established in the shoes to allow for comfort, speed and wide range of motion in the ring;

– Internal wedge structure which ensures the right amount of traction while in action;

– Available in a number of French and European sizes for both genders;

– Classic black and white design pattern.


– Précis pattern-making allows perfect form-fitted shoes for all sizes;

– PU leather ensures durability and sturdiness of the shoe product;

– Lightweight arch support which gives extra stability to both rear and forefoot, and allows for more surface adaptability;

– Rubber soles provide extra cushioning and sole support;

– Artificial lace-up for enhanced presentation;

– Wide range of sizes and colors available for both genders


– Soft leather PU material used in production;

– Both lace-up and closed-arch versions available (for tight fitting OR snug fit);

– Flexible, lightweight rubber sole which ensure durability and comfort;

– Quality product that allows you to make crisp, sharp movements as required for martial arts;

– Available in a number of designs, sizes and colors for both genders


– Synthetic mesh material incorporated to ensure maximum air ventilation
around the foot;

– Rubber out-sole offers increased indoor traction and comfortable grip

– Built-in reinforcements for maximum safety and foot dexterity;

– Enhanced ankle and foot support culminating in great mobility and quality fit of the shoes;

– Cushioned heel with differentiated foam lining for maximum convenience;

– Wide range of colors, patterns and sizes available.


– Available as both lace-up and slip-on products;

– Canvas fabric is soft and comfortable, and allows for the feet to breathe;

– Enhanced quality and light-weight product with improved ankle support

– 3-D designed to ensure snug fit and flexibility for enhanced mobility as required for martial arts and Tai Chi practices;

– Available in countless designs, colors and sizes for both genders.







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